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31 Business Principles to Organize your Business!

​  ​​  1.​ Someone needs what you are offering!
    2. Most important : QUALITY!
    3. Next is customer service.
    4. Pay close attention to what your customers are saying!
    5. You have a niche market…find it!
    6. Your Niche and Brand must match.
    7. Stay up to date!!
    8. Perception, Perception, Perception.
    9. Team spirit creates success.
    10. Synergy is noticeable to your customer.
    11. Take care of your people and they will take care of the  customer.
    12. Take care of your people and they will take care of YOU.
    13. Interrupt bad behavior immediately.
    14. Address bad behavior with steps for measureable change.
    15. Have clear rules to follow.
    16. Post your company Vision where everyone can see it.
    17. Always refer to your vision.
    18. Post your company Mission where everyone can see it!
    19. Always start your meetings with your Vision and Mission statement!
    20. Have quick, focused, purposeful weekly meetings.
    21. Have creative, green light thinking meetings quarterly.
    22. Celebrate your successes.
    23. Rewards make people pursue more rewards.
    24. Find new products to offer regularly.
    25. Marketing is vital to success.
    26. Social Media is the wave for today’s business.
    27. Surprising your staff on occasion gives self-esteem a boost!
    28. Reward your loyal customers.
    29. Take care of your best people. 
   30. Everyone is watching your best people​
    31. Companies that stay on top, train, train and train some more!